fibre broadband

Fed up of Slow Connections...

Dorset Broadband Services are a well established broadband provider for Ferndown and its surrounding areas. We will never max out the capacity of units like other mainstream broadband providers allowing all our clients to have full access to their connection 24/7 356 days a year! The speed you pay for is what you get 100% of the time!

Why Dorset Broadband?

We believe at DBS that the price you pay is what you will receive. We Keep our prices low and instead of upping your price at renewal we give you a month free the next year as a thank you for staying with us!

Don’t you just hate waiting to talk to someone sitting in those long Call Centre’s queues? Well with DBS you will never be put in a queue! We will answer your call in just a few rings!

Unlike most broadband providers we are right on your doorstep, if you ever have a problem or want to talk about your account you are welcome you are welcome to pop in to us!

Talk to real human beings (well most of our staff are!) We will get to know you and your setup and will never run off a script!

We monitor each connection 24/7 365 days a year! As soon as their is a problem we are notified immediately and get straight on it!

Sometimes we change our minds. That’s fine! we can upgrade and downgrade you at any point on a rolling month basis so there is no need to worry!

home broadband

Home Broadband

We offer 3 basic packages which covers most home users usage. Standard, Super and Ultra. Unlike most service providers who over subscribe their cabinets we make sure that whatever package you choose you will get that speed constantly.

wifi & 4g

WiFi & 4g Connections

Sometimes its not possible to run cables directly into buildings from the main stream cabinets, this is where WiFi and 4G can come in handy! A small receiver dish is placed in a suitable location on your property and the signal will bounce back to us to provide you with full fast broadband!

Business Broadband

All businesses these days tend to need a sturdy internet connection. We offer just that! From direct fibre connections cabinet to site or a single broadband line with a static ip address. We have multiple options, all you have to do is ask!